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Cadet Director Observer Program

Cadet Director Observer Program

As part of our ongoing commitment to building skills and knowledge in local leaders, CCG invites two people per year to join the Cadet Director Observer Program. The cadet program for people to participate in a fully-supported way.

The annual director development series provides a rare opportunity to gain first-hand experience on the Board and contribute to all matters as a non-voting Director of the organisation.

In addition to participating in monthly meetings, Cadets take part in a range of deep-dive sessions designed to build board member skills and have the opportunity to join specialist sub-committees.

The application process for the Cadet Director Observer Program opens annually in October/November

The successful applicants will demonstrate passion, innovation, a willingness to learn and complementary skills to bring to the table. Those with experience in business, industry, community, advocacy or philanthropy will be viewed favourably. People from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and those who have experience with disability are encouraged to apply.

Hear from past Cadets:

Kate Gaffney, Board Cadet

Board Duration: Board Duration: 2022-2023

I unequivocally recommend this program. It is a rare opportunity to be guided through being a Director. This is such a generous and nurturing program. CCG is an important regional education provider – changing lives. To be part of that and help guide CCG’s strategy and success was a rare privilege.

Jessica Ploeger, Board Cadet

Board Duration: Board Duration: 2022-2023

I can’t overstate the wonderful opportunity this board cadetship offers, and I encourage anyone considering applying to grab this rare opportunity with both hands, you will not regret it.

Jared Slater, Board Cadet

Board Duration: 2021-2022

“The Cadet program is a unique experience, and one that very few organisations make available. You get to learn how boards operate from highly skilled, diverse and professional directors, in an organisation that makes a real, tangible difference in people’s lives. That’s quite an amazing opportunity. I went in with high hopes, but the experience offered so much more than I thought. I now have hands-on experience in performing the role of a board director, and just as importantly, I’ve been able to be a part of an organisation that makes a real difference.”

Marie Downie, Board Cadet

Board Duration: 2021-2022

“I was interested in joining a Board but would not have applied for a Director position, because I wasn’t sure if it was the right fit for me. The Cadet program ticked all of the boxes, giving me the chance to get exposure to the Board, learn what was required and check that my participation would be valuable for me AND the organisation. The impact has been huge, personally and professionally. It has been an amazing experience, and I can’t speak highly enough about it.”

Lachlan Crampton, Board Cadet

Board Duration: 2020-2021

“When I saw the cadet role, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to give back and at the same time, expand my own skill set and resume,” Lachlan said. “The cadetship was the perfect platform to build the skills needed to be an effective member of the Board. If you are interested, absolutely apply. Don’t worry that you won’t have what it takes – the Board is very supportive of cadets, and diversity is important. You’ll bring fresh ideas and perspectives to the table, and you will learn so much along the way. Honestly, just go for it!”

Merryn Paynter (dec), Board Cadet

Board Duration: 2020-2021

“I knew that I had knowledge and experience that would be valuable to bring to the Board, but I hadn’t served on a Board before,” she said. “This was an ideal entry point. I was able to bring my skills to the table in a supported way, where I was encouraged to experiment, learn by doing and get some experience under my belt. It’s a fabulous opportunity to see what you are made of.”