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ECG Secondary College

ECG College

School but not as you know it

Education Centre Gippsland Community College (better known as ECG College) is a small alternative secondary school that delivers hands-on, practical, empowering education for students aged 15-20.

We have real teachers, subjects and classrooms, but we go about teaching differently.

Our curriculum is focused on giving each student what they individually need to succeed. We actively work on addressing the things that make it hard to get to school or get the most out of a lesson, both one-on-one with individual students and within the classroom. We put our students at the centre of what they learn. The way it should be.

Our school is designed to help our students transition to employment or further training, so our classes are all about learning by doing and getting prepared for life.

From 2023, our students will graduate with either the Victorian Pathways Certificate (VPC) or VCE Vocational Major (VM).

To learn more about our school, visit our ECG College site.