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We recognise that not everyone has a positive and seamless educational journey. When you are faced with challenging times in life, it takes courage, commitment and support to navigate through adversity.

We provide a sense of belonging for students who need more than just a place of learning.

Students need access to various resources to do well while studying. Some students find these essential resources out of reach, especially for those who may be living out of home or making their way without family support. Transport, classroom materials, trade equipment, books, excursions and fees all bear a cost that many cannot meet.

With your help, we can provide a fresh start for these students to strive for success in their studies. Contribute to one of the following initiatives to invest in the potential of the next generation.

Outdoor Sensory Space for Warragul funded, new campaign begins.

In 2022/23 we appealed to our community to make a gift toward the development of Outdoor Sensory Spaces to support our students’ wellbeing. We are happy to announce that we have successfully funded the sensory space for our Warragul campus. We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who contributed including our major donors- Jana Group, Des Williams and Marianne Shearer

Our next goal is to secure a sensory space for the students at our Leongatha campus. These sensory spaces will provide additional resources for our students during times of anxiety or distress.

Future sensory space site at Leongatha: We recognise that mental wellbeing is a life journey, many students bravely face adversities and at times the classroom, or life issues, in general, can become overwhelming. This space will be transformed into a place to retreat to or run to when they need time out.  

Healthy Foods Program

There are strong links between eating fresh foods and improved wellbeing. With this in mind, we are implementing a healthy foods initiative in 2024. Together, with generous program partners and individual donors we are breaking down barriers that prevent students from accessing healthy food options.

How can you help

We are calling for donations towards:

  • Fruit donations for all campuses
  • Ready-made meals: healthy lunches and take-home dinners
  • Nutrition education

Donate now. Or to partner with us to support our healthy foods program get in touch with us at

Thank you to Our Program Partners 

Start-up Kits

Start-Up kits are designed to provide students with financial assistance of $500 to support them to meet their goals in:

  • Work readiness
  • Community connection
  • Wellbeing

Kit 1: Work readiness

To facilitate a student’s transition from school into the workforce. Funding assists them to:

  • take steps to become work ready
  • by subsidising further education or training
  • obtain certifications for job readiness
  • access coaching, mentoring, or providing other resources to enhance their job prospects

Kit 2: Community connection

To support a student to overcome social anxiety and enable them to connect meaningfully with their community, to grow their confidence and connections.

Kit 3: Wellbeing

To empower a student to take charge of their wellbeing. Wellbeing can be defined in many ways and each student will approach life challenges in unique ways.

Transport support

Education is a powerful tool with the potential to transform lives, but for some of our students, the journey to knowledge is hindered by their location or finances. A lack of access and affordability to transport can sometimes be a barrier to accessing education. Our goal is to provide reliable safe and reliable transport options for students to get to their study location.

Your support will provide access to the following solutions:


For students who can catch public transport to campus

  • Purchase cards and top-up funds


For students who don’t have access to the public transport system

  • Purchase taxi vouchers

College bus

For students who need transportation from the train station to campus

  • Hire a bus driver
  • Fund fuel and vehicle expenses

Not every student has the resources to complete their studies or go on to further education. Funding a scholarship helps students aspire to further their career goals.

Scholarship funding will be contributed towards eligible students for:

  • School fees (camps, excursions, school jumpers, stationery etc.)
  • Tuition fees
  • Material fees (textbooks, uniforms, laptops etc.)
  • Further education

Interested In supporting a scholarship? Email us at

Sponsorship benefits both, our students and sponsors. We can tailor benefits to help meet your objectives and your investment helps us to build a stronger and more resilient community.

Let’s have a conversation about how we can work together, email us at

Community College Gippsland was funded by community for community and since the 1970’s has relied on a community that cares. Create our legacy by leaving a bequest, or partnering with us to ensure that we continue to maintain a growing presence in our region to help our young people thrive.

Let’s have a conversation about your legacy, email us at

Donate now

As Community College Gippsland is registered with the Australian Tax Office as a Deductible Gift Recipient, all donations of $2 or more can be considered tax-deductible donations.

If you have any questions, phone us at (03) 5622 6000, or email 

We encourage you to share this appeal with family, friends or others who can see the power in this important project.