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Lachlan Crampton, Board Cadet

Board Duration: 2020-2021

For Lachlan Crampton, the chance to have a real impact on a small community while enhancing his career was an opportunity too great to miss.

“I was interested in volunteering, and doing something in Gippsland, where I had grown up, appealed to me,” Lachlan said. “In a small community, you can really see the impact you have.

“When I saw the cadet role, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to give back and at the same time, expand my own skill set and resume.”

As part of the program, cadets participate in monthly development sessions, which explore the different functions of the Board, such as governance, strategic planning, finance and asset management.

“As a board member, you hold a lot of responsibility,” Lachlan said. “It is not a role you can just walk into – you need experience. The cadetship was the perfect platform to build the skills and knowledge you need to be an effective member of the board. It has been a tremendous learning curve, but a great one.”

According to Lachlan, one of the biggest highlights was learning how much consideration goes into each decision, and seeing those plans come to fruition.

“Around the table are people from different professions and backgrounds, each weighing up a decision from different angles. So much collaboration and critical thinking goes into every proposal to make sure that we deliver the best for our students and our community. When you see those plans realised, there is a lot of pride, knowing the work that went in to making it happen.”

Lachlan said the chance to see beyond the curtain and participate without risk was a rare and wonderful opportunity.

“If you are interested, absolutely apply,” Lachlan said. “Don’t worry that you don’t have what it takes – the Board is very supportive of cadets, and diversity is important. You’ll bring fresh ideas and perspectives to the table, and you will learn so much along the way. Honestly, just go for it!”