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Kate Gaffney, Board Cadet

Board Duration: Board Duration: 2022-2023

I applied for the program because it was very important to me that CCG is an educational institution and is meeting the needs of regional communities and diverse cohorts of students. I wouldn’t have applied to a cadetship program or a Board position in an organization outside my areas of interest and passion. The cadet program offered the opportunity to receive mentoring support while experiencing the whole Board Director experience. It was a nurturing opportunity and the associated guidance and collegiality were essential.

My experience with the program was fascinating. It was very inclusive. We, cadets, were not treated as separate from the Board, we were privy to the functions of the Board and the entire  College leadership team and the full importance of the role of a Board Director.  I really valued the cadet training sessions. I enjoyed going through the experience with my fellow cadet Jess Ploeger. The opportunity to discuss issues before Board meetings as part of the cadet training sessions as well as afterwards with my mentor Kirstin Fox really helped develop my understanding of how CCG works and the role of the Board.

The program has provided me collegiality with my fellow cadet Jessica Ploeger, my mentor Kirstin Fox and the director of the cadet program Joshua Chikuse. Walking into the Board room each month I knew that I was not only well prepared through my own preparatory work but through the efforts of others supporting me in the cadet program. I had a team supporting me to be the best director I could be. I cannot imagine better preparation for the Board room than a cadet program like this.  

I unequivocally recommend this program. It is a rare opportunity to be guided through being a Director. This is such a generous and nurturing program. CCG is an important regional education provider – changing lives. To be part of that and help guide CCG’s strategy and success was a rare privilege.