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Friends of CCG Edition 9

Celebrating the achievements of students and community 

An evening of excitement and celebration unfolded as Community College Gippsland hosted its 2023 Award ceremony, shining a spotlight on the success achieved by the students at ECG Secondary College Warragul, Leongatha, Pakenham and Dandenong campuses, students of RTO and Learn Local as well as industry partners. This annual event was a testament to the […]

The transformative power of social enterprise

In October, Community College Gippsland had the pleasure of hosting the Social Enterprise World Forum as a Community Hub. The Gippsland Social Enterprise Collective initiated this event, which brought together social entrepreneurs and changemakers from all corners of Gippsland. The aim was to discuss the transformative power of social enterprises. 

Attendees formed new connections, exchanged ideas, and displayed their passion for social entrepreneurship. Among the amazing stories we heard, our CEO and Business Development Manager shared insights on the panel, offering their experiences in the realm of social entrepreneurship.

Deadly Daughters 

In a heartwarming display of community collaboration, Community College Gippsland (CCG) took a significant step towards fostering positive relations between local proactive policing and indigenous girls through their recent ‘Deadly Daughters’ program event. This Victoria Police and Anglicare initiative was hosted at the CCG Smith Street campus in Warragul on Monday 16 October. Participants got […]

Ladder tour session

In November, we welcomed youth from the Ladder Step Up program to explore ways to learn differently and engage with our education and training programs at CCG! 

It was amazing to see the enthusiasm as these young minds engaged with our trainers, exploring different learning methods and gaining hands-on experiences by planting and picking fruit, immersing themselves in discovering new possibilities to broaden their skill sets. 

The Ladder Step-up program team and everyone involved made this a day of success! 

Community comes together to address urgent needs 

In Edition 8 of our newsletter we shared ideas around prioritising healthy foods for students’ overall wellbeing.  As we draw to the end of 2023 our immediate concerns for students experiencing food insecurity has engaged meaningful support in partnership with Baw Baw Food Relief, Follow Bless Collective, Longwarry Food Relief, Uniting Vic Tas and Women on […]

Projects and programs addressing student needs 

CCG has identified several projects and programs that will support students with their wellbeing and aspirations. We have developed a prospectus that identifies these programs which includes:  The various programs and projects currently in place includes:   Please view the prospectus and video for more information. 

Sensory space target achieved

We’ve reached the target for phase 1 of our sensory space with phase 2 funding being sort by potential sponsors. Thanks to many donors who responded to our 200 (people donating) x $20 campaign in 2023. 

The sensory space will provide an outdoor space that will provide students an additional resource in times of anxiety or distress to: 

  • Have a safe space to retreat 
  • Recover and regain composure 
  • Self-regulate and self-soothe 
  • Connect with nature 
  • Engage in different activities  

Keep an eye out for updates on the developments of this space.   

A Philanthropic Fund Initiative

“At the heart of philanthropy is the desire to promote the wellbeing and welfare of others”.

This newsletter shares the stories that are making an impact on the wellbeing and welfare of our community. If you have any questions or have ideas on how you can get involved, please email