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Friends of CCG Edition 8

Prioritising Student Wellbeing

Meet Kylie. Kylie Gray, Student Engagement & Support Coordinator, the latest edition to our Student Wellbeing Team bringing a breadth of experience from her previous 18 years working in child protection. This role works alongside the wellbeing team and aims to assist disengaged students to re-engage with their education with an innovative, flexible, and hands-on approach. Working with young people is rewarding for Kylie – engaging and supporting them in their wellbeing journey. 

Eating Fruit Each Day Can Take The Blues Away 

Emerging evidence links eating more fruit (and vegetables) to improved mental wellbeing. Although with the cost of living rising, it can be challenging for students and their families to incorporate all five food groups into three healthy meals a day. We are exploring initiatives to help, which we hope to expand to all campuses. In […]

New Outdoor Sensory Space in Reach

We are very close to funding a new Outdoor Sensory Space. Only 200 x $20 donations are needed to reach our target.

A new Outdoor Sensory Space will provide teaching staff an additional resource for responding to students in times of anxiety or distress and allow students to…

Perfect Partnership

Last week our beauty school students practiced their skills with Baw Baw Latrobe LLEN’s I AM Ready participants. The VDSS students helped them to look their best for their mock interviews and the final workshop of the program. The CCG and Baw Baw Latrobe LLEN partnership fostered a day that provided a real-world experience for both groups of students.

Bouncing Back from Burglary

It takes an awesome team with the right tools and machinery to maintain our expansive grounds for safe and practical spaces for student learning and leisure, crop cultivation, animal husbandry not to mention lunching, outdoor meetings and exercise!  Special thanks to VC Traders and our friends at Bunnings who together have seen us return to day-to-day operations since the burglary. We appreciate your generous contributions, deals and discounts. 

Thank You Linen Donors

On behalf of Kimberley Caldwell, ECG Secondary College teacher and students, thank you to all who gave generously to their collection of linen, sheets, towels, blankets, pillowcases – for the RSPCA. Your action has contributed to local workers and carers of beloved animals big and small who need a place for shelter and restoration due to illness or injury, displacement or distress.

A Philanthropic Fund Initiative

“At the heart of philanthropy is the desire to promote the wellbeing and welfare of others”.

This newsletter shares the stories that are making an impact on the wellbeing and welfare of our community. If you have any questions or have ideas on how you can get involved, please email