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Friends of CCG Edition 11

Tax time donations 

As the end-of-financial year approaches, we have a wonderful opportunity to make a meaningful impact on our community. Your donation, no matter how small, can significantly enhance the lives of our students. We have several initiatives in place to support our students in excelling in their studies. We kindly invite you to consider donating to any of these initiatives aimed at promoting academic success, health and wellbeing and employment skills. Some of the key programs you can contribute to include: 

  • Start up kits
  • Healthy foods program
  • Gym and play equipment
  • Scholarships 
  • Transport support 

For more information, visit our giving page.

Annual Appeal Update

Warragul Sensory Space 

The Sensory Space appeal is designed to create a calming and therapeutic environment for our students. We are proud to share the completion of our Warragul sensory space, as a collective effort by our ECG students and the VDSS students, who have been actively engaged in this project from start to finish. They have been involved in codesigning, pitching their ideas, creating budgets, planting, setting up the gazebo, and creating mosaic steppingstones. This space will be greatly appreciated by our learning community, as it is designed by students for students to visit in times of stress or when they need a calming space to reset.  

We would like to give a special shout out to Jana Group for their contribution to our budget and to Tom from Fine Cut Landscaping for his help in finishing off the project! 

Leongatha Sensory Space 

With the completion of the Warragul sensory space, our focus has now shifted to bringing the Leongatha sensory space to life. 

The Leongatha campus has recently underwent a significant demolition process, leaving the campus grounds looking uninspiring. Our students saw an opportunity to transform the grounds into a sanctuary. This project aims to create a tranquil environment for resting and relaxing. The students are currently in the design phase bringing together their inspirational ideas for the campus grounds. 

Thank you to local businesses 

We are so fortunate to have businesses and organisations support us with donations.  

Thank you to Trinity Trust for their donation towards the purchase of cooking appliances. This was distributed across our Warragul, Leongatha and Pakenham campuses.   

Jana Group provided funding towards our healthy foods program for frozen meals for students in need. They also provided some funding for a number of Start Up kits. A program to support students with their wellbeing, work readiness and connecting into community. 

Club 88 for their generous donations which will be utilised for academic scholarships and Start Up kits.