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Friends of CCG Edition 10

Free CCG Courses

 As your local registered training provider for over 4 decades, Community College Gippsland (CCG) recognises the challenges that the local community faces when it comes to deciding to study. In an effort to remove some of the barriers and facilitate educational aspirations, CCG has proudly announced the introduction of tuition fee-free courses.  Whether individuals are […]

Introducing Year 9 and 10

This year, ECG Secondary College, our independent school, has expanded its offerings by introducing Year 9 and 10 classes to its Warragul and Leongatha campuses starting from Term 1 in 2024. This is in response to an alarming rise in disengagement among Year 9-12 students in Victorian mainstream schools.   Recognising the struggle that teenage […]

Sensory Space Update

We are thrilled to announce that our appeal target of $7,500 has been achieved for Warragul campus outdoor sensory spaces. These funds will provide much needed spaces for students to self-regulate and self soothe when times get challenging in class.  

One space will be a Zen Garden with water troughs, seating, mosaic yin and yang feature and steppingstones, the other space will be a more active space with big games like connect 4 and chess. We will have plants, creepers, a gazebo and a water feature.  

School Visit our Horticulture Facilities  

At the start of the year, we had the pleasure of hosting year 9 and 10 students from Warragul Regional College to explore the Horticulture area at our Warragul campus. This excursion was a great opportunity to showcase our Horticulture facilities while giving students the opportunity to learn about the technology and process in controlled environment greenhouses. 

Thank you to our wonderful donors and sponsors  

We are so fortunate to have a supportive community and we are grateful for the generous donations we have received. Additionally, we wanted to thank Jana group and Trinity trust for their significant contributions to our philanthropic endeavours. With their funds we were able to progress our healthy foods programs, providing meals and appliances for our students and allowing us to meet the target for our sensory spaces at Warragul Campus.  

We wanted to also mention individual donors, Marianne Shearer and Des Williams who have given regularly and generously.  

We are thankful to other organisation who have provided goods in kind including:  

  • Warragul food relief 
  • Longwarry food relief 
  • Uniting Vic Tas 
  • Bunnings 
  • Harvey Norman 

Leongatha Development 

Our Leongatha campus is seeing significant progress in its transformation in ramping up its classes and facilities.  

Installation of the modular classrooms has been completed and is now in use by our Years 11 and 12 students. These new buildings not only provide extra space but also more natural light to the classrooms, resulting in increased engagement and a positive study environment. 

As part of the project, some of the existing structures that were no longer fit for purpose have been demolished. The project has now reached the stage of implementing student-led initiatives to beautify the campus landscape. 

Beaconhill – Donation of Chairs

Our heartfelt thanks to Beaconhill Secondary College for the generous donation of chairs to furbish our year 9 and 10 classes at Leongatha. The individual pods allow students the opportunity to move while seated. There is a retractable table for a laptop or books and storage space under the chairs.  

Prospectus and Giving  

We formally launched our prospectus at our Awards night in November. This document, along with our sponsorship document, highlights our initiatives and programs that we need supported, either financially or in-kind. Initiatives include  

  • Sensory space – Leongatha appeal 
  • Healthy foods program 
  • Start-up kits 
  • Transport support 
  • Scholarship 
  • Other programs, projects, awards and bequests 

To find out more, please visit 

A Successful Discover CCG Day

The Warragul campus was buzzing with excitement, laughter, colour and chatter at our Discover CCG Day on Tuesday 26 March. This highly anticipated event brought together industry partners, businesses, service providers and community members to come along to our Warragul campus to explore our facilities, forge meaningful connections and showcase the strength of our business partnership.  We […]

A Philanthropic Fund Initiative

“At the heart of philanthropy is the desire to promote the wellbeing and welfare of others”.

This newsletter shares the stories that are making an impact on the wellbeing and welfare of our community. If you have any questions or have ideas on how you can get involved, please email