Volunteer Your Way

12 May 2022

For volunteers at Community College Gippsland (CCG), helping out might just mean reconnecting with a great passion.

The education and training organization has recently opened up its long-standing volunteer program to include opportunities to contribute in new ways. From cooking in the café to helping in the garden, mentoring or demonstrating a trade skill, volunteers are encouraged to contribute to transforming students lives simply by doing more of what they love.

CEO of CCG, Sue Geals, said that giving back goes both ways.

“We love our volunteers – we are so grateful for what they bring to our organization. But it’s just as important to know that the experience we are providing is bringing them joy, purpose and social connection too,” said Ms Geals. “We love to empower our volunteers to contribute to things that they really enjoy.”

in an organization as diverse as CCG, the volunteering options are almost limitless.

“Volunteering is a fulfilling way to share your skills and experience with the world,” Ms Geals said. “If you have a skill set that could add value to our campus, we would love to hear about it!

“You can volunteer regularly, or just when there is a call for your specialist skills and a project that particularly interests you.”

Long-time CCG volunteer, Jocelyn Formby, says that volunteering at CCG allowed her to follow her passion of helping people learn while adjusting to retirement.

“I started working with mature-aged students, helping them improve their English, Maths and computer skills,” Mrs Formby said. “From the very beginning, my heart was filled with admiration for these students wanting to improve their skills at such a late stage of life. Seeing their excitement when they mastered a new skill was enjoyment in itself.”

For Mrs Formby, the experience has led to lasting friendships, immersion in new cultures and gratitude shown by students when they succeed.

“I have enjoyed helping students to learn and the friends that I have made,” she said. “CCG is a place where you are made to feel welcome and treated with respect by staff and students. It has always been a rewarding experience for me.”

People interested in volunteering with CCG can find more information at or can reach out to CCG Volunteer Coordinator, Lisa Campbell, on 5622 6000 or

For further information, please phone (03) 5622 6000 or email