Hospitality Head Start

10 December 2021

With a long summer stretching ahead and the world opening back up, local students have readied themselves to chase their first job.

ECG College Pakenham students participated in an innovative Hospitality Job Camp program, designed to build employment skills quickly.

Executive Principal, Sue Geals, said that the hands-on program was all about delivering the skills sets that employers are looking for.
“Our students were able to complete training in first aid, safe food handling, espresso coffee making and, for our older students, responsible service of alcohol,” Ms Geals said. “These skills help our students to build their resumes and hit the ground running on the job.”

For ECG College, an alternative senior secondary school that is focused on building skills for life, learning and work, the Job Camp was a perfect addition to the curriculum.
“A lot of our students come to us because they need extra support to thrive,” Ms Geals said. “They may prefer a smaller classroom setting, self-paced learning or hands-on activities that are a better fit, particularly for our students with anxiety, autism or ADHD.

“Being able to offer this training in their environment really made it possible for our students to succeed. We are very grateful to the Cardinia Shire Council Community Wellbeing Support Grant for funding the program and making it possible.”

According to Ms Geals, the program was initially delayed due to Covid impacts, but in the end, the timing was ideal.

“It feels great to be able to set our students up ahead of the holiday season, and with businesses opening their doors to trade again, they finally have a chance to take that first leap into work.”

The program was so successful that it will be offered again in 2022.


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