Help for young people to ‘Reconnect’

15 December 2016

Young people who have left school early and struggled to find work or training are being encouraged to access support through the Reconnect program.

Community college Gippsland (CCG) is delivering the new Victorian Government support and engagement program in west and south Gippsland. Reconnect provides an opportunity for young people to receive one-on-one support to assess their needs and gain a tailored skills and career development plan. 

Two young people walking up stairs wth back pack

(Photo: Karyn O'Brien)

CCG Reconnect Project Officer, Helen Rabot, said the program was assisting a number of young people aged from 15 to 24.

“We are supporting young people to work through barriers they may face and to identify pathways suited to them to reconnect into education and training.”

Ms Rabot said some young people who have been out of school, training or employment for a while may need assistance in gaining personal skills to build confidence, access transport, learn job search skills or help with mental health issues.

“The Reconnect program can help to assess individual circumstances and refer the appropriate service to support each young person.”

She said it was important to spread the message to young people, parents, carers and others that there is a new support program available to help young people who feel disengaged to connect and explore new options for their future.

Young people are eligible for the Reconnect program if they are:

- aged between 15 and 17 years and have an approved exemption from school
- aged between 17 and 24  and have not completed Year 12 and not in education, training or employment.
- aged 20-24 and have completed Year 12 but have been unemployed for 12 months or more.

For more information on the Reconnect Program contact Community College Gippsland, Reconnect Project Officer on 03 5622 6000 or 0419 337 039.



For further information, please phone (03) 5622 6000 or email