Green thumbs learn hydroponics

14 October 2016

A group of gardening enthusiasts were given tips on how to grow with hydroponics when Community College Gippsland (CCG) opened its hot houses to the community as part of the Gardivalia Festival of Gardens.

The workshop was an opportunity to see a variety of hydroponic systems and how they might be applied in a home environment.

Participants with hydropinic lettuces at Community College Gippsalnd

CCG Rural Studies Program Leader Gillian Williamson said the participants inspected CCG’s industry-standard hot houses at the Warragul campus.

“They were able to observe a range of propagation trials that students are undertaking in hydroponics systems including cauliflowers, lettuces, herbs and leafy greens.

“The workshop explored how people can improve their own hydroponics systems by trying different nutrient formulas and growing mediums. Those who attended enjoyed sampling the many different herbs growing in our hot houses and toured the campus farm.”

Community College Gippsland Chief Executive Officer, Sue Geals, said the workshop was a fabulous opportunity to support the Gardivalia Festival to show the community some of the industry standard horticulture training that is available to people of all ages here in Gippsland.

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Hydroponically grown cauliflowers at Community College Gippsland


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