Kat’s a cut above the rest

07 December 2021

“I was overwhelmed and shocked when I received the award. It felt so good knowing that other people see something in me that I don’t.”
- Katrina La’Brooy

Community College Gippsland’s Student of the Year Award has been presented to Certificate III Hairdressing student Katrina La’Brooy. After a challenging start, Kat grew in confidence and developed into “a sponge wanting to complete her studies and become a qualified hairdresser.”

According to nominating teachers Nicole Gillard and Michelle Altenroxel, Kat’s complete metamorphosis from unmotivated student to star pupil is the perfect fit for the Student of the Year award. The award is given to a student who has demonstrated a willingness to learn, displayed maturity when faced with setbacks and is job-ready for their chosen industry. Kat looks set to be fully qualified in early 2022.

Early in the course, Kat was struggling with the theory and was in danger of becoming disengaged. After working with a volunteer, Kat dug deep, resubmitted some units and her persistence paid off, setting in train the remarkable turnaround in her studies, both theory and practical.

Her work in the salon has shown that Kat possesses both the talent and the temperament required to not only pass the course but excel in her chosen field.

Despite COVID, personal challenges, and initial difficulties with the theory units, Kat took each setback in her stride, and, importantly, remains positive. In fact, it was during the lockdown that the change in Kat’s attitude occurred.

Nicole and Michelle said, “Kat went from being an unenthusiastic student who was just going through the motions to this whole new person.”

Now, Kat is described as a “valuable team member in our training salon…always keen to help where she can.”

Congratulations on the award, Kat!

The Student of the Year Award is presented to a vocational student who has demonstrated the mindset, initiative and aptitude to take the next steps in their field of interest or chosen career.

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