Young mums VCAL program

Young mums who have left school early can keep up their secondary studies by bringing their babies to class with them.

ECG College at Warragul offers a Young Mums VCAL class to help young women continue their education to broaden their opportunities in the future.

The program is open to young mothers and expecting mothers aged between 15 and 20.

The program is a fully accredited Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) course delivered in an environment specifically designed to support their needs.

Children of the young mums can attend class with their mother up to the age of 16 months.

Mums are able to care for their children with feeding and change facilities, cots and play areas available in the classroom. When the children reach 16 months of age, the mothers are assisted to access suitable childcare so they can continue with their study.

For further information on ECG College’s Young Mum’s VCAL program contact Head of School Jamie Robertson on 03 5622 6000 or 0400 106 768.