What is VET DSS?

VET DSS stands for ‘Vocational Education and Training Delivered to Secondary Students’. You may also know the program as VET in Schools or VETiS.

VET DSS is a hands-on program available for students completing VCE or VCAL. VET DSS students attend classes at CCG on a Wednesday or Friday and participate in a normal school program for the rest of the week.

Why take part in VET (VET DSS)?

  1. Boost your resume with a nationally recognised qualification, as well as your VCE or VCAL
  2. Taste-test potential careers while you are still in school, helping you to plan your pathway
  3. Develop valuable hands-on skills and experience for work, further training or university
  4. Study close to home and experience an adult learning environment

What courses are available?

At CCG, you can study:
Community Services
Retail Cosmetics
Salon Assistant

Check out our Pathways poster to see what careers these qualifications may lead to.

How do I sign up?

You will need to opt in to VET DSS through your school. Chat to your Careers Counsellor, Pathways Advisor or VET Coordinator to learn more.