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Introduction to Bike Maintenance

In Classroom

Whether you are interested in maintaining your own bike or building skills for work, volunteering or further study, this course could be just what you need to get rolling.

Over X weeks, you will learn about bike mechanics, maintenance and repair. From identifying the parts through to fixing problems, these practical skills could take you behind the counter at your local bike store, to the sidelines of the Great Victorian Bike Ride, or even into a bike-related business like food delivery.

This course covers:

  • Recognising bike components
  • Understanding how individual bike parts work together
  • Selecting and using tools
  • Diagnosing and solving mechanical problems
  • Preventing and fixing common damage
  • Working with tyres, tubes and chains
  • Working with handlebars, stems, saddles and seatposts
  • On-ride repair
Repairing a bicycle with a spanner